How many Jewish students are there on campus? What is Jewish life like here at Kent State University?

There are approximately 1000 Jewish students at Kent State University and 300 estimated at The University of Akron, about 5% of the campus population. Jewish students are an active, dynamic part of both Hillel and the campus community. Students are involved in many other campus organizations and clubs, always seeking out opportunities to collaborate and build our network.

How do students get involved with Hillel? Are there membership fees?

Any student on campus is welcome to participate in Hillel sponsored events. There are no membership fees and students are encouraged to attend as many programs and activities as they would like. Programs are supported by donations from parents, alumni, and the Jewish community. Students can get involved by participating in the Student Board, attending an event with a friend or by simply planning a program or activity.

How connected is the Hillel to the University community?

Hillel is integrated into the University community through its dynamic programs, co-sponsorship of events, and the involvement of active students in many other University groups. The University is very supportive of Hillel and its role on campus and works hard to provide a welcoming atmosphere for Jewish students, faculty, and families.   The Cohn Jewish Student Center is THE ONLY Hillel building to be located on campus property at a state university.

What kind of student programs and organizations does Hillel at Kent State sponsor?

Hillel at Kent State hosts a wide variety of programming spanning the spectrum of social, cultural, religious, spiritual and educational programs with a focus on Israel advocacy as well.  The majority of our programs are made possible through the ingenuity and hard work of our students.  Hillel at Kent State strives to understand the needs of our students and work with them to provide them with the greatest opportunities.

What kind of Shabbat program is available at Hillel at Kent State?

The Cohn Jewish Student Center is host to Shabbat celebrations on a bi-weekly basis.  We are proud to offer egalitarian services and a delicious meal completely FREE for our students.  Shabbatot at Kent State is the one time during their busy weeks where students know they will get to see their friends and  generally include student led services with prayer, song, dance, games and more.  For more information, please click here.  If you are interested in sponsoring a Shabbat experience for our students, please .

Is there a Kosher Meal Plan on Campus?

At this time, Kent State University does not offer a Kosher meal plan.  Hillel at Kent State is proud to be home to the only commercial Kosher kitchen in Portage county and offers Kosher meals to our students on a weekly and programmatic basis, including Shabbat.

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