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2017-18 - Student Board Announcement

Hillel at Kent State is excited to announce applications are now open for the 2017-18 Student Board. The purpose of the student board is to build a strong Jewish community on campus, foster strong leadership skills, provide a variety of entry points into the Jewish community for all Jewish students on campus, and create a strong, diverse, welcoming Jewish community on campus.


  • President
    • Serve as liaison for Hillel to the KSU Center for Student Involvement and other partnering student groups.
    • Lead weekly Student Board meetings with integrity and purpose.
    • Develop a vision for Jewish Life on campus and implement it with passion and a desire to overcome challenges to achieve success.
    • Be available and communicative to questions and spontaneous meetings.
    • Work with Hillel Assistant Director to oversee Jewish life on campus.
  • Engagement and Outreach Coordinator
    • Connect with students on multiple different social media platforms and meet with them to discuss their personal interests and Jewish journey.
    • Create direct opportunities for the class of 2021 to connect them to a Jewish community and help in their transition to college life.
    • Create new ways to contact and engage previously unengaged Jewish students
    • Assist Student Life Coordinator in implementing engagement strategies and track engagement interactions
    • Be active in Hillel’s community; attend the majority of Hillel events and programs, and actively engage students on an everyday basis
  • Shabbat Coordinator
    • Plan unique Shabbat themes and overall experiences.
    • Engage student co-hosts to help with planning events.
    • Work with staff on event logistics including set-up and menu planning.
    • Communicate with co-sponsoring organizations to engage student leaders.
    • Create a vibrant, welcoming Shabbat experience that will connect the Jewish community on campus and grow the program.
  • Israel on Campus Coordinator
    • Oversee student-led Israeli programming.
    • Monitor the campus atmosphere towards Israel programming and events.
    • Work with the Israel Fellow to assist with programs and Israel engagement
    • Recruit for immersive experiences Birthright Israel and Onward.
    • Be a liaison to Students Supporting Israel and attend their weekly meetings.
  • Community Service Coordinator
    • Coordinate and recruit for community service programs.
    • Monitor opportunities for Jewish students to participate in on campus through OEECE and student groups.
    • Research the needs locally and nationally and how Hillel can be selfless with its time and resources.
    • Lead student involvement in the Annual MLK Day of Caring event.
  • Campus Marketing Coordinator
    • Strategically manage and grow Hillel’s social media presence with Hillel staff.
    • Work in collaboration with the Community Marketing Coordinator.
    • Design digital and hard copy materials for event and brand marketing. I.e. Flyers, event headers, and social media graphics.
    • Take pictures and post on social media during Hillel events.
    • Serve as a brand ambassador for the Cohn Jewish Student Center.
    • Publicize Hillel initiatives to the campus community through University distribution channels.
  • Community Marketing Coordinator
    • Strategically manage and grow Hillel’s social media presence with Hillel staff.
    • Work in collaboration with the Campus Marketing Coordinator.
    • Develop monthly newsletters and correspondence from a student’s prospective to engage the Northeast Ohio Jewish community.
    • Serve as a brand ambassador for the Cohn Jewish Student Center.
    • Work directly with the Hillel at Kent State Development Manager.
  • Jewish Holiday Coordinator
    • Lead student board in planning sessions for major holiday and Public Space Judaism events.
    • Ensure each event has the greatest possible impact on the Jewish community and campus.
    • Begin planning events at least one month in advance of event.
    • Create leadership roles for Jewish students with event planning committees.
    • Assist Hillel staff with integrating in Jewish learning into Student Board meetings.
  • Treasurer
    • Manage and monitor student board budget.
    • Work one-on-one with student board members to train them in their budget and providing ways in which the budget can be utilized.
    • Manage the Hillel Grant Program to be launched in Fall 2017.
    • Approve individual expenses and submit reimbursements for student leaders.
    • Manage budget for Public Space Judaism events (holiday celebrations and large events).


  • The members of the Board will be charged with developing relationships with Jewish students on campus, learning their interests and helping connect them to programs that match their interest, regardless of who is creating the experiences.
  • Participate in ongoing Jewish learning at your own pace to expand your Jewish self.
  • Collaborating with other students and student groups on campus.
  • Each Hillel Board Member will have a staff mentor/ advisor that they will meet with on a regular basis to discuss their role and how they can develop a welcoming and inclusive environment at Hillel
  • Plan and implement large Hillel programs including, but not limited to:
    • Freshman Ice Cream Social
    • Welcome Back BBQ
    • Hanukkah
    • Sukkot
    • Purim
    • IsraelFest
    • Second Semester Welcome Back Event


  • Weekly Student Board Meeting led by students
  • Weekly mentor meetings with Hillel Staff
  • Expected requirement of 5-8 hours per week of work.
  • Weekly “Office hours” in Hillel required. A time to meet with students and accomplish tasks at hand.


  • April 30- Board Retreat with incoming and outgoing Student Boards
  • August 22 & 23- Student Board Retreat
  • August 24-27- Welcome Weekend


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